What We Do

Using Culture and Identity to positively transform individuals and communities 

Educational Tools for Families and Schools

Children learn how the world is divided into ethnic categories as young as four years old. What if we could help prepare them for that world with the knowledge that all humans share a common biological ancestry and cultural diversity?

We are currently developing educational initiatives for use in classrooms, as well as a family-deliverable learning program, that aims to provide children with intelligent defenses to prejudice and a platform for expressing the fullest version of themselves.

Tools and Training for Change Agents

Leaders, activists, policymakers and peacebuilders all need to understand how identities work in order to make a lasting impact. By understanding how to map and engage identities, change agents can supercharge their ability to positively transform.

Having spent over a decade developing a methodology for large scale identity engagement for the prevention of violent sectarian conflict, we are now working to give all change agents access to formulas and techniques that can empower their work.

Self Development for Individuals

We often find ourselves trapped in understandings of ourselves as narrowly defined by our ethnic and family heritage. Such limited identities restrict our ability to grow as people, recover from trauma, make the most of opportunities and our human potential.

We are developing a self-development program to help individuals to link up to the full range of possible selves that they can access. Using mental exercises, the program sets out to allow the individual to expand their identity horizons and release their potential.

Accessible Human Science for Everyone

More than any other body of knowledge, the Human Sciences tells us who we are. And yet its ability to inform us about how to think about ourselves and others is in its infancy. Imagine a world where we all knew that race was a myth and culture an invention!

The lessons of the Human Sciences are many and if absorbed are transformative. Producing a range of online and offline publications that spread the key perspectives and knowledge can only help move us towards a more empowered future.