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The ability to tap into the identity and cultural dynamics which underpin thought and action represents a powerful skillset. The Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD) is pleased to introduce a resource we hope will become an important tool for practitioners across a multitude of sectors: the “Understanding Culture in Stories: A Handbook of Research Methods.

This handbook, drawing on evidence-based tools developed in the social sciences, is aimed at empowering those working in conflict transformation, community development, social work, social justice, policing, advocacy and other social change sectors. These tools help with the first stage of delving into the complexities of cultural symbols, norms, and dynamics through narrative analysis.

Why Identity and Cultural Analysis is a Must-Have for Your Practice:

  • Enhanced Conflict Transformation Research: Uncover the cultural narratives at the heart of conflicts to develop more effective, culturally sensitive strategies.
  • Promotion of Inclusivity and Cohesion: Gain insights into the cultural underpinnings of narratives to foster a sense of belonging and value diverse identities.
  • Innovative Problem-Solving: Decode complex cultural narratives to discover innovative solutions deeply rooted in the cultural context of the issues you face.
  • Empowerment through Understanding: Engage deeply with the cultural narratives of marginalized groups to advocate for empowering policies and practices.
  • Create Powerful Outreach Approaches: Understanding the underlying identity and cultural factors of individual stakeholders and leaders can be a powerful way to deliver strategies for engagement.

Join the OICD as a Partner Organization:

The OICD extends an invitation to organizations worldwide to join as OICD Partner Organizations. This partnership offers:

  • Collaboration with a Global Network: Connect with a diverse network of organizations and practitioners dedicated to leveraging identity and culture for positive change.
  • Access to Expertise and Resources: Benefit from the OICD’s extensive expertise, resources, and support in implementing identity-based approaches within your organization’s specific context.
  • Contribute to a Larger Movement: Be part of a global movement towards understanding and utilizing cultural and identity analysis and strategies to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Check out how UNESCO joined forces with us to leverage identity and culture for social transformation. Consider applying to become an OICD Partner Organzation.

Getting Started:

The release of the “Understanding Culture in Stories: A Handbook of Research Methods” is designed to help practitioners take a first step into adopting a powerful culture and identity approach. By integrating these methodologies into your organization’s practices you are working towards leveraging the power of identity and cultural narratives, an approach proven to increase the effectiveness of programs across a wide range of sectors.

We encourage practitioners, organizations, and anyone committed to making a difference through cultural and identity understanding to download and explore the handbook and consider partnering with the OICD to help implement the methods and tools within.

Your Next Step:

Download and explore the Handbook and consider filling out an OICD Organizational Partner Application. Ask us questions through [info at oicd.net]. Visit the OICD’s website or contact us directly. Let’s harness the power of identity and culture together.