The OICD and Individuals

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Interested in joining our network? In order to become a general member of the OICD (with powers to nominate yourself/others into positions within the organization) you simply need to sign-up. Information submitted during the sign-up process will not be passed to any other organization. In addition, you can follow us on our twitter channel to receive additional content.

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Calling Volunteers!

If you are an individual wishing to volunteer with us, wishing to contribute your knowledge and skills, then please do first sign-up. At the end of the sign-up process there is a space to write additional comments. Drop us a message in this last section and we will get in touch asap to discuss your involvement.

Volunteers: We are currently seeking volunteers that can assist us in: liaison and network creation with international groups and organizations; website and online network development; fundraising and editorial and publishing projects.

Internship Program

Our Internship Program is a great way to contribute to the OICD and to gain important experience. Detailed information about the program is here. You’ll want to sign-up before applying though, and mention that you are interested in the internship in the last comments section of the sign-up process.


Apply to become an Affiliate

We are developing an international and interdisciplinary network of researchers, scholars and artists. Find out more here.


Care about a specific region or issue?

There are many ways to help the OICD apply its work to a specific topic or region. Specify your interests and ideas in the last section of the sign-up process.