The OICD SIN Project: OICD Student International Network 

By: Sebastien Boret, OICD SIN co-ordinator

Welcome to the students’ forum of OICD! SIN is an attempt to generate discussions and provide information regarding research of conflicts by and for students. When accepting to become the co-ordinator of OICD international students, my first motivation was, and still is, to offer a cross-cultural network for anthropological fieldwork of conflict (see where students, from pre- to post- fieldwork could share their knowledge and unique experiences through OICD’s Students International Network.

What is the OICD SIN Project?
The OICD SIN Project is an attempt to provide information about specifics regions of conflicts by drawing from comments or reports regarding conflicts and fieldwork. Especially, post- and in progress fieldwork students will be encourage to give feedbacks about their experience of doing fieldwork in their respective regions. This will have not only the benefit of inspiring future fieldworks but also draw the attention of professionals, scholars and NGOs, to one’s current research. Moreover, we are all aware of the difficulties that involve a student project in an area of conflicts. Hence OICD SIN will be a unique chance to help peers and other anthropological-based researchers in acquiring valuable information and potential access to conflicts.

How can you Participate in the OICD SIN Project?

In order to progressively but actively develop OICD SIN, we invite each of you to: 1) post comments and suggestions regarding OICD SIN project and 2) become a represent of your region. Although it seems early to identify how detailed OICD SIN’s distribution will be, we invite each of you to represent one of the following: United States of America, Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Each representing student will be encourage to diffuse information about OICD and OICD SIN, provide update information regarding the latest events (e.g. conferences and workshops), and finally encourage students of his/her region to consult and e-mail comments/contributions to OICD SIN!

In other words, we hope that the OICD SIN project will develop in to a forum where we will be able to stimulate and participate in discussion regarding specific issues that surround research and fieldwork, announce recent publications, offer the possibility to link students and professionals, and finally stimulate future research projects towards conflict resolution!

We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions to improve the OICD SIN project, volunteer as OICD SIN representing student, or simply communicate your interest in OICD.

The forum is hosted on the OICD facebook page discussion board.
Thank you all for your attention.