Contribute your expertise to the developer platform to leverage your impact.

As an OICD Developer, you will have the opportunity to work on, expand, and manage the OICD’s key research and development activities, perspectives, and networks. You will be able to bring your own expertise and vision both to the organization as a whole and to individual projects. In so doing, you will be joining an interdisciplinary body of academics (anthropologists, political scientists, historians, economists, theatre specialists, and psychologists), policy-makers, development practitioners, artists, musicians, film makers, and playwrights, amongst others.

Amongst other benefits OICD Developer status allows you disseminate your work through multiple OICD publishing channels and gain access to the organization’s published materials at no cost. The OICD will also commit to assist its Developers in conceptualizing, organizing related projects and managing conferences and workshops on topics related to the organization’s research and projects.

Please see the points below for more information:

Eligibility Criteria:

 –        We encourage applicants from all disciplines and fields.

–        Applicants are usually affiliated with a recognized educational institution, research center, or non-profit organization although exceptions are possible.

–        Applicants should share the OICD’s aims/goals and demonstrate a keen interest in the work of the organization.

–        Applicants should demonstrate that they have published or otherwise operationalized work on a topic closely related to OICD’s research or project areas.



–        Developer profiles are listed on the global network map and become part of a global professional network that collaborates on online and offline platforms.

–        Developers will have priority for the publication of their work through the OICD’s publishing outlets (Global Ethnographic and Emic Press).

–        Developers will have free or heavily discounted access to all OICD published materials and professional networks.

–        Developers will have the opportunity to become engaged with a variety of OICD projects and initiatives.

–        Developers will have the possibility to conceptualize and ready their research and projects for real-world application with the full support of the OICD and its resources.

–        Developers will be given support and resources toward hosting a conference or a workshop either at their own institutions or an OICD partner institution on a topic related to OICD’s research/projects.

Commitment Requirements:

 –        Where appropriate, Developers are expected to promote and develop the organization’s projects within their own academic work and professional network.

–        Developers are requested to acknowledge the OICD in any published work that has drawn on the organization’s network, aims, research or applied projects.



–        Prospective candidates may write directly to the OICD requesting this status including a CV/résumé, including references and current affiliation. Please write to info at (where at equals @).

–        All prospective candidates are required to submit work or project samples. Please seek advice on content and quantity at the time of application.