OICD introduces a weekly Regional Round-up feature, where we bring you the top stories from the past week’s global news. This week, the spotlight is on Mali, Algeria and Burma.

Mali: Following French President Hollande’s visit to Mali last weekend, Paris has announced their aim to begin withdrawing troops from the region as early as March, and the head of UN Peacekeeping has discussed the increasing likelihood on a UN mission in the country.


Algeria: Still reeling from the shock of the gas plant siege, discussions in Algeria centre on whether further democratization will allow space for Islamic extremism, or strengthen the bulwark against it.


Burma: The Burmese government and ethnic Kachin rebels have reached an agreement, with the help of Chinese mediation, which could spell an end to the conflict in the northern region which has lasted for fifty years.


Which other stories from around the world have you found interesting this week?