Combining the best of science and practice

Key Ideas

The essential concepts that unlock an understanding of identity and culture.  Gain perspectives that will reveal ways in which identities can be put to work to either limit or empower individuals and large and small communities.

Key Techniques

Introducing practical skills that you can use to create positive change. Understand how to gather identity-related information and build effective strategies to counter division and promote cohesion.

Special Content

Taking the most relevant findings from anthropology, psychology and many more relevant disciplines, expose yourself to a world of knowledge relevant to your work.

Full Educational Content Features

  • Accessible online training videos - Easy to follow presentations
  • Supporting articles and materials - Go deeper by reading more
  • Slack platform for guided support - Ask our guides and the community when you're unsure
  • Practical methods training - Equip yourself with the skills to discover and address the roots of the problem
  • Practical research analysis tools - Learn how to manage your findings and go to the next step
  • Practical strategy building guides - Design actual real world strategies rooted in an understanding of identity and culture
  • Imaginative exercises and activities which access emotions and lock-in knowledge and methods

Identity is a core issue for peacebuilding work, but also a very complex one. What I found interesting and relevant about the OICD-EMIC approach is the way it combines a high level conceptual model with practical application.

Phil Vernon, Director of Programmes
Phil Vernon, Director of Programmes International Alert, London, UK (2004-2017)

With an interest in conflict prevention and resolution, I was looking for an opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-world projects. The interdisciplinary approach and unique methodology of conflict management that OICD applies is unparalleled.

Dr. Aliya Tskhay, Research Associate
Dr. Aliya Tskhay, Research Associate University of St. Andrews

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