OICD Network

A global network of academic and practitioner experts all of whom share an interest in understanding how to engage identities as a means of addressing the root-causes of conflict. Join here.

Special Advisors/Patrons

Special Advisors /Patrons are individuals who are internationally recognized in their efforts to achieve a number of OICD related aims.

Current Special Advisors (alphabetical):

Marcia Langton (Foundation Chair in Australian Indigenous Studies at the University of Melbourne)

Pierre Sane (Founder & President of Imagine Africa Institute, formally UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences and Secretary General of Amnesty International)

Pamela Stewart & Andrew Strathern (Andrew Mellon Professor, University of Pittsburgh)

Former patrons:

2010-2012: Jean & John Comaroff

2007-2010:  Thomas Hylland Eriksen

Executive Committee

Working to keep the cogs of the OICD turning, the executive committee make the key decisions on how the organization runs.

As of October 15th 2017 the Executive Committee dissolved to form a new constitution. The Executive Committee from Oct 2015-Oct 2017 comprised the following members:





Wayne Jordash (Director of Applied Projects)





Bruce White (Executive Director)


Research Affiliates

The OICD has a wide range of interests in fields from conflict studies to traditional ethnography. Research affiliates are individuals whose work is closely aligned with the aims and activites of the OICD. These individuals bring a broad set of interdisciplinary perspectives to the OICD, enriching the organization’s work and expanding our areas of expertise.

The OICD currently has the following research affiliates:

John McCoy (Director of Applied Research)

Gary Gregg

Joy Hendry

Gordon Mathews

Rick Fawn

Jotham Momba

Peter Ackermann

Greg Poole

Mark Davidheiser

Tammy Kohn

Yuko Nishimura

Baldwin Wong

Susan Pattie

Ruth Mandel

Patricia Spyer

Rafael Sanchez


Research Fellows

Research fellows assist in the development of research projects and support other organisational initiatives in a range of areas.

Emilia Groupp

Joshua Rickard

Aliya Tskhay

Andrea De Antoni


Interdisciplinary Research and Methods Working Group

Emilia Groupp (coordinator)

Alen Maulitov

Beatrice Yeung

Summer Qassim

James Haw

Irene Fabricci

Kazumi Hoshino-Macdonald

Sarthak Malhotra

Vicente Lovelace

Priya Sajjad

Timo Schmidt


Editors & Production Managers

OICD publishing ventures span a forthcoming in-house publishing house (EMIC Press), and an on-line magazine of interpretative anthropology (Global Ethnographic).

Jehonathan Ben (Global Ethnographic)

Teodora Hasegan (Global Ethnographic)

Faye Miller (Global Ethnographic)

Michelle O’Toole (Global Ethnographic)

Do you have skills that could be put to use in any of the OICD’s publishing projects? Visit our contribute page to learn how to get involved.


Kerry Balkwill


Dany Tsuruta

Jung Mo Goo

Urvee Kakar

Cristina Cusenza

Erika Waldron

Sarah Erwin

Katja Holtz

Luke Reilly

Jasmine Kato-Naughton

Former Interns

Hannah Gould – Liaison Manager/Anthropology

Cade Bourne – Artistic Affiliate Manager/Anthropology

Nadine Dammaschk – Anthropology/Peace Studies

Tayler Groom – Intern/Modern History & Politics

Jessica Hodder – Artist in Residence

Marius Palz – Anthropology

Riku Jarvelin – Political Science/International Relations

Aliya Tskhay – Political Science/International Relations


General Members

The OICD has approximately 200 general members from all over the world. General members are eligible to vote on some issues and receive updates on the organization. Membership is currently free. If you would like the join the organization as a general member and/or contribute in other ways please follow this link.


Formerly research affiliate, in fond memory:

Eduardo Terren (link to in memoriam homepage)