If you are interested in joining the OICD as a research affiliate, or nominating someone you feel would be suitable please do so at any time by contacting Bruce White via the email address listed on the contacts page of the OICD main site. Information on the benefits of affiliate status is below.
OICD Research Affiliates
OICD Research Affiliates are individuals whose research or production (e.g. books, film, theatre) output speaks directly to one or more of the OICD aims or activities. Currently we have around ten research affiliates from areas such as Theatre Studies, Psychology, Anthropology, History and Political Science. The collective work of these individuals is the Organization’s greatest resource and serves as the foundation for all other activities. Affiliates are given the privilege of honorary access to all OICD on-line publications/articles and periodicals (including the OICD journal Narrative Ethnology).  OICD research affiliates are also requested to act as peer reviewers for the Narrative Ethnology journal, and to sit on the OICD’s Global Ethnographic Press editorial board.  Affiliates are encouraged to actively contribute and share their research across the OICD network, as well as to generate and connect new interdisciplinary networks of like-researchers. Lastly, research affiliates might also choose to host an OICD meeting or workshop at their institution—they have free range as to topics, themes, participants, dates and locations and may publicize their event using the resources of the OICD network. 
See some current affiliate member names and pictures here.
Applying for OICD Research Affiliate Status
Affiliates can be recommended to the executive committee by general OICD members, or interested individuals may write directly to the OICD requesting this status.  In both cases those who are nominated or wish to become a research affiliate will need to submit two published journal works (academic member), or broadcasted media campaign material (media members), or a published work of literature or work performed on stage (humanities members). This content will be reviewed by the executive committee and a vote taken.