Turning the Tide Training with AfriNov in Nairobi

In March, OICD director Bruce White embarked on a five-day visit to Nairobi to participate and engage in training with Afrinov, a valuable OICD partner organization. During his visit, Bruce had the opportunity to participate in the training program called Turning the Tide, which is delivered by Afrinov to vulnerable communities in Nairobi and other regions of Kenya and East Africa. Originally developed by the Quakers, Afrinov has adapted this training to suit the specific needs and context of the region.

Turning the Tide: A Transformative Program

Turning the Tide is a transformative program that allows participants to reflect on power relationships and dynamics that they encounter in their daily lives. Over the course of two days, Bruce had the privilege of joining participants from a neighborhood in Nairobi as they engaged in the program. He witnessed firsthand the significant transformations that took place as the expert trainers from Afrinov facilitated group activities and guided reflections on power dynamics.

Exploring Synergy: Integrating Power Concepts with EMIC Training

As well as seeing great utility and witnessing the profound transformations brought about by Turning the Tide, Bruce also reflected on the possibility of integrating some of the power concepts discussed in the training with OICD’s own EMIC training. EMIC, which stands for Engagement Methodology for Identities in Conflict, is a core methodology developed by the OICD that focuses on identity-based knowledge as a route to empowerment.

Bruce recognized the potential synergy between the power concepts explored in Turning the Tide and the EMIC training. By integrating these concepts, the OICD could further enhance its approach to empowering individuals and communities through a deeper understanding of power dynamics and their impact on identity.

Advancing Peacebuilding: Collaboration between Afrinov and OICD

This collaboration between Afrinov and the OICD holds great promise for advancing peacebuilding initiatives and fostering positive social change. The OICD looks forward to exploring the integration of power concepts from Turning the Tide with the EMIC training, as well as continuing to integrate EMIC into AfriNov’s key programming areas. The recent participation confirms the organizations’ alignment and their shared mission of promoting peace, social cohesion, and empowerment through identity-based knowledge.

A Promising Future: OICD and Afrinov’s Continued Partnership

Overall, Bruce’s participation in the Turning the Tide training with Afrinov in Kenya was a transformative experience that deepened the partnership between the two organizations and opened up new avenues for collaboration. The OICD remains committed to its ongoing work with Afrinov as they continue to strive for a more peaceful and just society.