Our Mission


The OICD does not accept that humanity is best defined by destructive tribalism.  Instead, we see humanity as a product of great collective imagination and cooperation; the problematic divisions of 'us' and 'them' that lead to persecution, discrimination, inequality, violence, climate change, and other harms as preventable and reversible.


Left unchallenged, divisions of identity and culture can erode and reverse fundamental rights, norms, and development standards, potentially threatening the very institutions which act to support well-being, peace and prosperity.


Ensuring expressions of identity remain open and inclusive is part of the critical fight to secure peace, cohesion and well-being in our world. 


The Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD) exists to systematically apply knowledge from the Arts, Humanities, Human, Life, Data and Computer Sciences to ethically and intelligently repair identity-based divisions through real world educational activities and interventions. 


Through education, training and consultancy, we assist those working in conflict transformation, peacebuilding, advocacy, health and human services, and related sectors, to design and build interventions which can effectively counter identity divisions and intelligently and ethically solve real world problems. By understanding how identities function and how divisions have been constructed in specific cultural contexts, our work sets out to help expand, celebrate, and regenerate the ability for individuals and groups to switch between different identity expressions. Rather than directly countering constructed divisions (i.e. through counter narratives), our approaches attempt to identify and meet the needs of the individuals expressing restricted identities. 


The OICD sees that through sustained, systematic, creative and cooperative efforts and actions, we can effectively counter key root causes of inequality, violence and other harms. By accessing richer expressions of place and belonging in human cultures, we can drive a more peaceful, cohesive and egalitarian society into being, and protect and promote peace, cohesion, prosperity and well-being.