Our Mission

The OICD aims to promote and protect multiple open and inclusive notions of cultural belonging, operating under the belief that human identities are fundamental to the ability to enforce a range of universal human rights, attain human development goals, and prevent and respond to a range of human crises involving violent conflict, discrimination, terrorism, sectarianism, marginalization and persecution. Specifically, the OICD operates to ensure that:

Every community, whether regional or national in scope, works to provide all its members with open access to a diverse array of cultural concepts, values and accurate historical and contemporary narratives that enshrine and celebrate those members’ sense of equal place in, and contribution to, their society.


No community has the power to distort, diminish or attempt to remove cultural concepts, images or factual narratives that provide individuals with the means to imagine themselves as legitimate members of a diverse community.

See a detailed breakdown of the OICD Goals and Mission Objects for 2017-2020