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What is EMIC? 

Countering Conflict, Promoting Cohesion 

The EMIC Methodology is an identity-based approach to solving problems, preventing physical and cultural harm and violence, and enhancing and fulfilling human potential. Identity-based approaches have been shown to be effective in the following contexts:

● Countering and preventing discrimination or marginalization of a minority group(s).
● Countering and preventing division making between groups along ethnic-cultural-political-religious-or other lines.

● Responding to and repairing cultural divisions and facilitating processes of reconciliation.
● Ensuring cultural environments are preserved, and ideally enhanced, during transformations of the physical environment.
● Building common community identity and cohesion and releasing human social, political and economic potential.

The EMIC (Engagement Methodology for Identities in Conflict) method aims to utilize the power of identity in countering discrimination and conflict and helping to build peace and cohesion. EMIC (the word itself is Latin for “understanding from within”) is the product of over a decade of theoretical and practical development by the OICD.

The EMIC method begins by gathering detailed data on a population’s use of cultural symbols and narratives. This data is plotted and modelled in accordance with the latest knowledge on identity dynamics. An EMIC-trained team then proceeds to develop and test strategies that counter root causes of division. EMIC strategies are distributed in the form of capacity building initiatives and interventions.

In short, the EMIC method provides the relevant information, strategy, implementation and evaluation tools needed to increase the effectiveness and mitigate the unforeseen negative outcomes of a wide variety of transformation programs.

EMIC experts have worked across a wide variety of human development contexts, including: Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) in the Caribbean, Middle-East and North America; Security and Intelligence-led Policing in Serbia, Armenia, Ukraine, UK, and Rwanda; Identity-Based Conflict in Guyana, Mali, Japan, Fiji, Canada and the UK.

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    EMIC Method

    The EMIC method is available to qualified organizations and agencies in the form of a training and/or consultancy service. Read more here on our downloadable pdf.

Please contact info@oicd.net to schedule an appointment to discuss the EMIC method's suitability to your context, or become a member here.

We conduct specialist research to understand the distribution and quality of cultural information available within communities around the world and how this information is being used to forge identities that promote division and/or unity.

We form strategies based on its research that set out to reverse manipulations that restrict or distort cultural information, and increase the quality and choice of cultural material from which identities are made.

We build and operate real-world programs and interventions based on our strategies that attempt to add value and cultural choice to everyday identity-making.

We work to constantly expand our network of experts, members and partners in order to help achieve our mission.

We conduct a range of educational activities, ranging from publishing educational materials for the general public to training practitioners in the civil society, governance and higher education sectors.

We advance the academic knowledge necessary to understand the processes of identity making and how to effectively engage and positively affect the range and quality of cultural material from which identities are made.

We develop tools and methodologies for engaging identities in order to help achieve our mission.