OICD Open Research Seminar

17th May 2013

Doshisha University Karasuma Campus

(Shikokan SK116) 4.30pm-6.30pm


Mis/Managing the Resources of Identity:

Towards an Understanding of the Roots and Possible Solutions to the Water Management Crisis in Central Asia

Aliya Tskhay MA (Research Fellow, OICD)


Open OICD Research Seminar: Come to listen to research which incorporates Intra-Cultural Development perspectives–open to all! No participation fee. No registration necessary.



This article introduces an innovative “intra-cultural development” approach to resource conflict resolution by looking at how to engage with problem-causing national identity dynamics in the conflicting region. The case-study presented here analyzes a water resource conflict in the Central Asian region and the social, political and economic causes of it. The focus then turns to the question of how to engage national identities in order to positively manipulate their underlying conflict causing divisions, transforming these into broader more regionally co-operative narratives and therefore potentially offering a solution to the some of the underlying roots of the conflict.    

Bio: Aliya Tskhay is a PhD Candidate at Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan. Her PhD research is on transparency issues in extractive idustries of developing countries with a focus on the role of foreign investors. She has been an active member of the Organization for Intra-Cultural Development (OICD) for two years.

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