Tamara Kohn

Research Affiliate- Tamara Kohn

Tammy received her first degree in anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley followed by an MA at the University of Pennsylvania. After this she spent three years living on an island in the Inner Hebrides, culminating in a social anthropology DPhil thesis for Oxford University entitled ‘Seasonality and identity in a changing Hebridean community’. Immediately after completing her thesis, she spent two years conducting post-doctoral research in the hills of East Nepal, focusing primarily on the linguistic and cultural identity of the Yakha and women who married into the community from other ethnic groups. Her two vastly different field experiences in Scotland and Nepal were linked by common interest in incomers and cultural change. After returning to the UK she taught at Oxford Polytechnic and Oxford University and the University of Durham before joining the School of Philosophy, Anthropology and Social Inquiry in Melbourne. Recent research interests have included the study of trans-cultural communities of practice (ranging from caring practice to embodied experiences in sports and arts), the anthropologies of food and the body, and migration.