Our Internship Programme

A Program for Change Agents

Are you, or do you aspire to become:

Yes? Then the OICD Internship Program may be for you.

The OICD internship program provides opportunities to build strong, lasting relationships and collaborate with a broad interdisciplinary network of academics (anthropologists, political scientists, historians, economists, and psychologists), policy-makers, development practitioners, artists, musicians, film makers, and playwrights, among others. Exposure to this environment will enrich your understanding and knowledge of both your field of interest and those of other OICD member staff.

Whether your work is focused on academic research or you are interested in development, conflict management, international


relations or community transformation, the practical skills, valuable insights and experience gained at OICD will empower you in future endeavours.

OICD interns are given full access to all areas and levels of the organization and are encouraged to build competence across a range of traditional and innovative knowledge and practice bases. As an intern, you will spend a minimum of 150 hours working across the research and applied projects areas, as well as internal operations of the organization. OICD strives to match interns’ interests to the work they undertake and provides them with constructive feedback and support.

At the Organization for Intra-Cultural Development (OICD) we focus on identities as a means of building community cohesion. Our knowledge and understanding of identities does not stop at the investigative stage of identity construction, but is applied to conflict resolution and management projects in a variety of regions.


-Experience working in an international non-profit organization
-Knowledge and training in identity-based conflict resolution
-Access to a wide network of experts in a range of fields
-A flexible, remote work style
-Ongoing feedback on your work
-Free course in repairing divisions of identity, with a certificate of competence upon completion
-Certificate of Internship completion

Voices from Former OICD Interns

  • “As a student of international relations, and with an interest in conflict prevention and resolution, I was looking for an opportunity to practically apply my academic knowledge to real-world projects.  Thus, an internship program with the OICD was an excellent opportunity to see how academic research could inform and formulate conflict prevention strategies within various regions of the world.  The interdisciplinary approach and unique methodology of conflict management that OICD applies is unparalleled.  As an intern, you will work across different areas of the organization’s work (research, administrative management, projects development, etc.), and you can therefore be assured that your preferences and interests will be matched with your internship program. Last, but not least, OICD members come from diverse regions and fields, creating a friendly and absolutely entertaining environment in which to work.” (2012)
    Aliya Aliya
  • “Before completing an internship with the OICD, I had only studied the functions of different non-governmental organisations.  However, the OICD gave me a chance to see and learn how an international non-governmental organisation actually operates.  Working on day-to-day administration and operational tasks of the organisation taught me a lot, and it also gave me valuable experience for my future ambitions. Furthermore, seeing how theory is put into practical use is rewarding and it makes my future studies easier to grasp.” (2012)
    Riku Riku
  • “An internship with the OICD gives students a unique opportunity to experience working with an academic research organization before leaving university.  The skills that I learned during my time with the OICD and the academic networks that I developed will be invaluable for my future studies and career. The people within the OICD come from a diverse range of cultural and academic backgrounds, making for a fiercely collaborative working space.  It is also brilliant to work with an organization that aims to apply all the lessons of university to real-world problems. It is a daily exercise of stretching your knowledge to new frontiers and examples.  My internship experience led me to the role of Engagement Manager, looking after the OICD’s external liaison and networking strategies.” (2012)
    Hannah Hannah
  • “The OICD provided me with a framework in which I could pursue my own interests while learning about how those interests can intersect and interact with various academic theories, cross-disciplinary perspectives, and concept models.  The OICD’s internship program offers motivated individuals the opportunity to view their area of study from several new vantage points, refuelling and redirecting their passions and, ultimately, their career paths.  My experience with the OICD has revealed to me that I can indeed combine my passions for international development, social activism, the performing arts, and education, using all of my skills and knowledge bases to make a difference.” (2013)
    Jessica Jessica
  • "For me working with the OICD has been a really special and unique opportunity that integrated my love for Anthropology and my desire to apply it in the development field. The internship allowed me to apply my knowledge in creative and thoughtful ways to produce work with real life applications. As an intern, you get to be very hands-on and truly see your work count. It was a real joy to work on very diverse projects in collaborative ways with a terrific group of people. My experience with the OICD has not only been positive but invaluable for my future career goals." (2020)
    Ay Ay

Application Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be 20 years of age or above.
  • We encourage applicants from all disciplines and sectors.
  • Applicants should share OICD’s values and motivations and demonstrate a keen interest in the work of the organization.
  • Applicants should demonstrate an ability to undertake independent research.
  • Full working proficiency in English is required.  Knowledge of other languages is valued.
  • Applicants must have a working understanding of Microsoft Office and social media.

Internship Requirements

  • Interns are expected to commit a minimum of 150 hours over a period of at least four weeks.
  • Interns are expected to have completed the self-study package, received on confirmation of successful application, prior to the beginning of the internship.
  • The OICD is unable to offer financial assistance to interns (though some local travel costs may be met).  Interns are responsible for organizing their own accommodation, food, travel expenses, health insurance, and visas.
  • All work produced by interns will be the intellectual property of OICD, with significant acknowledgments given to the author.


  • Interns will receive valuable practical experience and exposure to a broad network of professionals.
  • Interns may proceed to other roles in the OICD after completion.
  • The intern will receive a certificate upon completion of the internship.


Application Requirements

  • Applicants are required to send the following documents:
    • A letter of introduction/personal statement (500-1,000 words) detailing information regarding applicant’s background, interests, and motivation for applying.
    • CV/résumé, including date of birth, GPA of the major if currently enrolled in studies, and references.
    • A sample of written or other relevant work by the applicant. Please seek advice on content and quantity at the time of application.
    • Application can be sent to info(at)oicd.net

Evaluation of Work

  • The workload of the intern will be divided equally into three major groups: internal operations, research and applied projects.
  • Interns are required to give a report at every organizational meeting.
  • The progress of the intern will be evaluated by OICD staff based on his or her results.

*OICD reserves the right to amend the internship program guidelines at any time.  Applicants should review this page regularly for the latest updates.