Learn to observe, analyze, and use the power of identity and culture to heal divisions in individuals and communities.

Why Repair Divisions of Identity & Culture?

Individuals and communities seem more vulnerable to succumbing to divisions of "us" and "them" than ever. The results of such division threaten individual well-being, social cohesion and harmony, and the integrity of our communities and institutions.  This course provides participants with the ability to see how identity is used to create division, and the frameworks and tools necessary to counter that division across a range of contexts.

"Repairing Divisions of Identity" could be right for you

...if you work, or are interested in working, in any of the following fields: anti-discrimination, diversity & inclusion education; HR; social support services; human rights advocacy, conflict transformation; law enforcement & counter-organized crime, hate crime, and terrorism; regional and national social cohesion policy making; impact assessment; peacebuilding; activism; leadership & governance; counter-disinformation policy & practice; and related fields.

The course has no formal entry requirements and students and practitioners from all fields are welcome.

The OICD Institute's Flagship Foundation Course

The Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD) works to counter identity-based divisions and promote peace and cohesion through Identity-based research and real-world programs and initiatives. "Repairing Divisions of Identity" is the OICD's flagship foundation course, designed for anyone who aims to build cohesion, peace and harmony with those they work alongside or serve on a daily basis.

A Community Learning Experience

This online course operates in cohorts. You will get to know up to 20 other students in your cohort as you learn and interact together over the 12 week course. A combination of live interactive sessions, pre-recorded content, assignments, optional academic readings and reading summaries will keep you engaged and guide you towards timely completion. Keep in touch with your cohort after the course ends with a dedicated alumni group.

Course Material Summary, Full Features & Benefits

Section One

In the first part of the course we explore the key frameworks and concepts in the field of identity and culture. We will learn about the network of meanings and images that allow us to find a sense of place in the world. We will also see how identities attempt to fulfill human needs such as the need to feel connected to each other, free from fear and valid in the world.

Section Two

In the second section, we will learn some key ways to become better observers and interpreters of identity. We will learn techniques to help unpack the deeper meaning of behaviour and discourse and begin to understand how and where to find and organize identity material across a range of work contexts.

Section Three

Putting what we have learnt into practice, the final section will concentrate on understanding how to build strategies and interventions to make some real world change. Concentrating on maximising effectiveness and ethical standards we will explore the many options available to a variety of professions and sectors.

Full Course Features and Benefits

Here's a break-down of the full features of the course.

  • A hybrid course consisting of live sessions and Dynamic Learning content to maximize content absorption
  • Up to 12 hours of Dynamic Learning content and 4 hours of expert-led live session support
  • Fully flexible bookable live and pre-recorded sessions - complete at your own pace
  • Interactive Slack channels for ongoing feedback
  • A supportive community of like-minded professionals and students
  • Choice of a certificate of completion or competence issued by the Organization for Identity and Cultural Development (OICD)
  • Dedicated course coordinator to support you and answer questions throughout the entire course
  • Alumni status and priority access to OICD professional education and project services upon completion
  • Access to OICD Institute learning content, reading summaries and other resources

Identity is a core issue for peacebuilding work, but also a very complex one. What I found interesting and relevant about the OICD's approach is the way it combines a high level conceptual model with practical application.

Phil Vernon, former Director of Programmes
Phil Vernon, former Director of Programmes International Alert, London, UK (2004-2017)

Absolutely loved it, keep it up! Thank you so much. I'll be recommending it to many people.

Participant from December 2020 cohort

With an interest in conflict prevention and resolution, I was looking for an opportunity to apply my academic knowledge to real-world projects. The interdisciplinary approach and unique methodology of conflict management that OICD applies is unparalleled.

Dr. Aliya Tskhay, Research Associate
Dr. Aliya Tskhay, Research Associate University of St. Andrews

Understanding the theoretical framework is critical but I find the consolidation and real life application the most meaningful and exciting. I also found the group dynamic really enjoyable.

Participant in December 2020 cohort