The OICD Innovate Program aims to develop cutting-edge multidisciplinary academic theory and method that can support the wider mission of the organization to deliver highly effective counter-conflict and peace building strategies and initiatives.

The program supports the following OICD mission objects:

  1. To advance research in the field of identity and cultural development with particular reference to how identities are used to create divisions or build unity across social, economic and political life.
  2. To advance the development, quality and effectiveness of applications that utilize scientific findings to counter division and build cohesion and unity across social, economic and political life.




Projects within the Innovate Program range from the production of academic research to the development of technological and software-driven tools that can support OICD Programming.

The program currently focuses on developing theory and method in the following ways:

  • Assembling existing theory and method from across the Human Sciences into formulations that support and express the OICD mission.
  • Developing data-collection, visualization and processing tools for culture and identity mapping and strategy building.
  • Improving the accuracy and effectiveness of all theory and method that supports the EMIC (Engagement Methodology for Identities in Conflict) platform.
  • Publishing academic papers that describe the multidisciplinary theory and method that supports the OICD mission.