UNESCO-OICD toollkit

In an era where the world is increasingly interconnected yet divided, the need for tools that can bridge gaps and foster understanding is more crucial than ever. Recognizing this, UNESCO and the Organization for Identity & Cultural Development (OICD) have taken a significant step forward with the release of the original, and now the 2024 edition, of the “Harnessing the Power of Identity & The Arts for Social Transformation – Practitioner Toolkit.


This innovative toolkit emerges from a collaborative effort that began with a workshop in October 2023, bringing together over 80 participants from various sectors, including academia, civil society organizations, educators, artists, and practitioners. The workshop aimed to share best practices and discuss common challenges in applying identity to arts for social transformation, particularly in managing diversity and fostering inclusion, social cohesion, reconciliation, and peacebuilding in Eastern Africa and beyond.

2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of the toolkit is not just a compilation of best practices. It represents a synthesis of insights, strategies, and actionable tools designed for organizations active in education and civil society to effectively incorporate the arts and identity into their efforts for social transformation. What sets this toolkit apart is its grounding in real-world applications and its development through a participatory process that ensures its relevance across different contexts.

AI Chatbot

Moreover, the toolkit’s utility is enhanced by its integration with an OICD AI chatbot, a pioneering tool in the sector. This AI chatbot is trained on the toolkit’s content, making it a dynamic resource for NGOs and other organizations. It offers bespoke advice and guidance on incorporating the toolkit’s tools into specific contexts, thereby broadening its accessibility and impact.

Ultilize the Tools in your Organization

The “Harnessing the Power of Identity & The Arts for Social Transformation – Practitioner Toolkit” is more than just a resource; it is a call to action for organizations across the globe to leverage the transformative power of the arts and identity in their work. Whether it’s addressing the root causes of conflicts, enhancing social cohesion, or building pathways to peace, this toolkit offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to making a tangible difference.

As we move forward, the continued collaboration between UNESCO, OICD, and the global network of practitioners will undoubtedly lead to further refinements and expansions of this toolkit. It stands as a testament to the potential of collective efforts in harnessing the arts and identity for the greater good.

Organizations active in relevant fields are encouraged to download the toolkit, explore its contents, and consider how it can be integrated into their work.

Organizations wishing to partner with the OICD to receive assistance in training, policymaking, resource and technology development are encouraged to contact the OICD team at info[at]oicd.net