Are we your tribe? A network of change agents, researchers and developers.

We are:

  • Passionate communicators and change agents
  • Committed to human rights, promoting equality, and discovering and engaging the roots of human suffering
  • Keen to continue to advance our understanding on the human experience of culture and identity
  • Passionate about effectively and ethically applying arts and human sciences to practical social transformation

We work to:

  • Increase and promote knowledge of identity and culture
  • Allow the world to be seen through the eyes of those who are experiencing or causing harm or distress
  • Increase and promote the knowledge that divisions of identity and culture are a root cause of inequality and conflict
  • Promote and support OICD educational, research and intervention projects across: health and human services, community development, conflict transformation, law enforcement - CVE/PVE, diplomacy, impact assessment, social/government policy making & communication strategy

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