(News story from July 2013) Long-term OICD research affiliate, Gary Gregg, kindly gave some of his pre-conference time to host a mini-seminar to discuss his work on identity and cultural symbols. Gregg’s work examines concepts such as “structurally ambiguous symbols”, “distributed culture” and seeks to identify links between personality and culture.

Gregg’s work gives a vitally important insight into intra-cultural and individual diversity in the use of cultural symbols, and is considered a key research component of OICD theory and practice.

At the seminar, Gregg discussed the viability of applying some of his ideas to models of identity that seek to have a targeted practical application in conflict contexts, and the use of such models as guidelines for cohesion-building strategy-building. (picture shows right to left: Prof. Gary Gregg, Intern Jessy Hodder, OICD Director, Bruce White)