Peace Among the Nations | Cigdem Demir

In developing a new website for the Organization several ideas were considered and discussed.

One key insight was that the old website was not able fully to explain the OICD perspective in an easily understandable way.

At the heart of the new design, then, there would need to be a multimedia component that would allow the casual visitor to pick-up on the main work of the organization without having to read through too much material.

In searching for an appropriate format for the new site, it was decided that a front page slide-show that would tell a very brief “story” would be most effective.

But what would be appropriate for the images? Several ideas were discussed and tried, such as photographs and graphics. Somehow, however, the resulting compilations did not have the desired effect and didn’t gel with the “story” that needed to be told.

It was with some excitement , therefore, that an image search revealed some artwork that really did help to tell that story.

Alex Falco's Racism

“Alex Falco’s racism and Cigdem Demir’s peace among the countries really helped to give life to the mini-story we needed,” says OICD Director, Bruce White, “They captured the nature of the symbolic, and helped us communicate the link between the symbolic and the real, which is at the heart of Intra-Cultural Development.”

Following a formal invitation to exhibit their work on our new site, both of these prolific and thought-provoking artists gave the OICD permission, and the homepage slide show now displays their art every time a visitor stops by

Recently both Alex Falco and Cigdem Demir have joined the OICD as general members—welcome Cigdem and Alex!

For those of you who would like to see more work from these artists, follow the links to “courtesy of [the
artist]” underneath the images displayed in the slideshow.

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Our thanks again to the artists!