You see the problems that identity divisions cause and need the right tools to prevent or repair the damage.

The Stakes Are High

Divided identities are a root cause of:

  • Antisocial behaviour
  • Mental illness and suffering
  • Discrimination, prejudice and hatred
  • Recruitment into criminal communities
  • Hate crime and criminal violence
  • Increased spread of disinformation and denial of climate, public health and governance challenges
  • Erosion of public trust and public institutions
  • Increased disenfranchisement of minority and marginalized communities
  • Ethnic/racial/religious violence and persecution
  • Human rights violations ranging from torture to atrocity crimes (genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing)

Getting it right

Effective Identity-based solutions can:

  • Solve social problems at their root allowing for "treating the cause not the symptom"
  • Unearth and promote deep shared values within and between divided communities
  • Promote broad based social, economic and political participation, inclusion and cohesion
  • Promote economic productivity (as a direct result of increased cohesion)
  • Contribute to deradicalization and disincentivization of violence and communities of violence
  • Decrease vulnerability to disinformation and divisive manipulation
  • Interface with a variety of existing initiatives (e.g. from across law, technology, governance, development, education, peacebuilding sectors), compounding and maximising their effectiveness

The EMIC™ method is built for researching, analyzing and engaging identities in the real world. EMIC is the result of two decades of interdisciplinary research.

A complete platform

  • The EMIC method consists of research methods, analytical frameworks, strategy building models, testing and ethical checklists, program & intervention design, evaluation and optimization tools.
  • Research and analysis techniques allow the user insight into the construction and use of identity in any given context. Tools are tailored to a range of sectors and user needs.
  • A set of ethical strategy building models to facilitate the design and operation of real-world initiatives to counter identity-based division across a range of sectors and contexts.
  • The EMIC approach can be fully incorporated into your organization or agency through a training and certification program.
  • Projects or project components can be outsourced to EMIC experts who will provide regular "identity visualization" reports and structured recommendations for strategy, intervention design and ethics and risk management.

Immediate real-world benefits

The EMIC™ method can help you:

  • Gain deep insights into the ways in which identities are operating in your context.
  • Understand precisely what kind of identity-based configurations or manipulations are responsible for the problems you seek to solve.
  • Communicate your analysis to team members, partner organizations and experts using "identity visualizations" built-in to the EMIC platform. The visual platform also facilitates understanding of key identity dynamics and encourages collaborative analysis and problem solving.
  • Rely on evidence-based strategy design modules to guide your strategy conception, maximising your opportunity for effective and long-lasting solutions.
  • Maximize your ability to specifically target the root causes of the problems you seek to address and keep track of your progress using the EMIC method's evaluation and optimization tools.

Identities are complex entities. They appear in many different configurations. Traditional analysis is difficult to produce and keep up to date.

EMIC™ Method Identity Insight Tools Overcome Limitations of Traditional Approaches

  • The EMIC Method provides a dynamic platform which allows users to track identities in different configurations, over time, and in collaboration with teams and partners.
  • Analyzing identity dynamics effectively requires specialized knowledge and a theoretical grounding in how identities are constructed. The EMIC Method provides step-by-step analytical frameworks that have this knowledge "built-in" and allow the critical features of division, and opportunities for cohesion, to be revealed by the user.
  • Good data and research don't necessarily translate into effective strategy design. The EMIC Method includes strategy-design templates built from theoretical and real-world knowledge on how identities transform. All strategy design templates include checklists to ensure the highest ethical standards are achieved, risks understood and minimized.
  • Identity-based interventions have typically run the risk of backlash due to the inability to simulate the effects of strategies prior to operation. The EMIC Method intervention design tools dynamically test for backlash/backfire and other risks as part of the design process. Evaluation and optimization tools to allow the monitoring and maximizing of effectiveness and the minimization of risk are also built-in.

The EMIC Method Includes a Dynamic Data-Collection, Visualization, Analysis and Strategy Building/Sharing Platform


EMIC Method users are provided with their own online portal for training, research, mapping, collaboration and support



Phil Vernon, former Director of Programmes

Identity is a core issue for peacebuilding work, but also a very complex one. What I found interesting and relevant about the OICD's approach is the way it combines a high level conceptual model with practical application.

Phil Vernon, former Director of Programmes, International Alert, London, UK (2004-2017)



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