The Disseminate program aims to bring key scientific insights on culture and identity to the general public through educational content delivered in accessible formats.

The program supports the following OICD mission objects:
(1) to ensure that the broadest range of cultural affiliations and identities are made available in the most accessible formats. 
(2) To counter false assumptions about human diversity, culture and identity, particularly those that contribute to the re-enforcement of fixed/singular identities.

Content delivered through the Disseminate program can use conventional educational formats and does not require high-level customization for specific populations (although low-level customization is likely to be required). In contrast, content built from culturally-coded imagery and delivered to precisely defined audiences is done through the EMIC Program.

Current Channels of the Disseminate Program


1. Popular “Personal Development” literature, courses and digital applications
2. Public theatrical lectures and online content
3. “Magazine” style podcast, video and online content

Young Adults

1. Teachers, youth workers and parents
2. Technology device applications
3. Online video and social networks

Program Activities

Young People:
Compile educational initiatives report
Status: Initial Research, Team Building
Schedule: September 2017-March 2018

Produce popular non-fiction book
Status: Underway
Schedule: April 2016-April 2018

Produce popular self development course
Status: Initial drafting
Schedule: Janurary 2017–Janurary 2019

Produce Self-Development App
Status: Conceptual
Schedule: October 2017-Janurary 2019

Produce popular “Magazine” of online anthropological content
Status: Ongoing
See globalethnographic.com