Community Guidelines

This page provides a set of guidelines by which we ask all participants in the OICD’s online community to abide by, and covers all areas in the online network (the OICD website, blog, Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Pages).

  1. The OICD requests that users keep their contributions relevant to the topic under discussion, and take some responsibility for the quality of such discussions.
  2. The OICD aims to encourage intelligent debate and engagement, but will not tolerate personal attacks on either authors or other users.
  3. Whilst the OICD appreciates that people may feel strongly about the issues discussed, any content which others may find offensive or threatening will be removed. Please respect other users’ views, opinions and beliefs.
  4. The OICD will not tolerate racism, sexism, homophobia or any other forms of hate speech. Any contributions which may be perceived as such will be removed.
  5. Any commercial contributions (the posting of advertising or links), along with other spam material will be removed.

The OICD reserves the right to remove any comments which we feel do not adhere to these standards.

The OICD reserves the right to withdraw users posting privileges and/or block users (where applicable) should they seriously or persistently ignore the community standards and participation guidelines.