The OICD is proud to announce that the Aga Khan Centre will be our partners and co-hosts in an upcoming workshop to be held in King’s Cross, London on October 8th and 9th 2018. The theme of the workshop is:

Can Identities Positively Transform Societies?
Theoretical and Methodological Challenges and Solutions

Workshop Summary

Peace and conflict scholars of identity have been generally optimistic that human identities offer great potential to transform conflict and promote cohesion in society. Part of the optimism comes from observations that the opposite is true–that identities are often used to divide and promote conflict in the world. The logic is that if the mechanisms through which divisions are made are understood and modelled, then they can be utilized to prevent and reverse divisive manipulation.

Despite the sound theoretical basis of the optimism, researchers and practitioners have found it difficult to translate the scholarly observations into tools and models that can be applied to real world practice. The workshop investigates why this might be the case, delving into the theoretical and methodological challenges that the development of such tools and models present.

The workshop brings together scholars and practitioners who all in someway work towards identifying and overcoming the challenges of theory and method. Theoretical questions include: what are the critical dynamics of identity and how can they be modelled to help to positively engage identities? Methodological questions include: how can we research and identify ways in which people shift their representations between multiple cultural concepts and narratives?

Speakers and times and locations to be announced here on this page.

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