As part of the OICD’s development of its integration¬†advisory services, OICD director Bruce White has been in Edmonton, Canada, on a mission to evaluate current multicultural theory and practice in the Albertan capital.

The trip has been successful in observing Canadian multiculturalism operating at three distinct but interconnected levels:

  • the frontline where much needed services are delivered directly to newcomers by NGOs
  • the provincial government where policy is formulated and ongoing regional issues are addressed
  • the academic level where the philosophical and theoretical underpinnings of Canadian mutccultralism are critiqued and debated

Dr. White sends out many thanks to the following people who gave up their time to speak about their work. A full report of the visit will be made available to OICD members (free to join) in 2011.

Alberta Employment Immigration and Industry, left to right: Don Gardener (Manager, Strategic Policy and Supports), Margaret Overland (Director, Policy and Integration), Bruce White, Alice Wong (Director, Integration Programs)
Edmonton Immigrant Services Association, left to right: Alexandru Caldararu (Volunteer Coordinator), Bruce White, Angelica Quesada (New Neighbours Coordinator)
University of Alberta, left to right, Prof. Anna Kirova (Education), John Mccoy (PhD Candidate), Prof. Andy Knight (Political Science), Bruce White, Prof. Ingrid Johnston (Education)
Linda Ogilvie (Co-Director, Prairie Metropolis Centre), Bruce White
University of Alberta, Prof. Yasmeen Abu-Laban (Political Science), Bruce White
Bruce White, Yvonne Chiu (Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op), John Mccoy

Many thanks also to Marie Riddle, Executive Director of the Human Rights and Citizenship Branch, Cassie Palamar, Director of the Education and Community Services Unit of the Human Rights and Citizenship Branch and Susan Coombes, Manager of the Human Rights Education and Multiculturalism Fund.