Bruce White presents to UNESCO and UNDP
OICD Director, Bruce White, presents to UNESCO and UNDP on OICD Methodology

Bruce was brought up in Nigeria, New Orleans, London and Mississippi, and has lived and worked in Japan, Italy, Canada, the UK and Malta. He holds degrees in Human Sciences and Social Anthropology from Durham University (BA, MA) and Oxford Brookes University (PhD).

As an academic, Bruce has developed undergraduate, graduate and professional courses in conflict and identity, applied anthropology and identity and conflict transformation, and has taught at Durham University, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University, Kyoto University and Doshisha University, Kyoto. He is an Honorary Research Fellow at University College London (UCL), Professor and former Dean of the Institute for the Liberal Arts (ILA) at Doshisha University, Kyoto, and Academic Director of the OICD Institute (2020).

Bruce conceived the basic framework for Intra-Cultural Development (the theory and practice upon which the OICD operates) in 1998 and has led the interdisciplinary development of the approach since the early 2000s (read the OICD story). Bruce piloted applications of Intra-Cultural Development across Europe, Japan, Mali, Fiji, Guyana and Canada as means to develop a real world methodology for social transformation (now the EMIC method). Since the OICD’s launch of the EMIC methodology in 2014, Bruce has conducted training courses for peacebuilders, policy-makers, academics, government and NGO representatives, culminating in the founding of the OICD Institute in 2020.

As OICD Executive Director, Bruce continues to work on expanding the organization’s programs, membership, partnerships, projects and scope of activities.

In addition to his academic roles and his work in the OICD, Bruce is also a consultant to a variety of international NGOs and charities in sectors such as conflict transformation, peacebuilding, human development and health and human services.

Bruce has published on the topics of Civic Engagement, Conflict Transformation, Generational Change and Conflict and Identity.

Bruce White selected publications: