None of GE’s great content or innovative platform features would be possible without its committed staff.  Appearing alphabetically they are:

Jehonathan Ben, Associate Editor

As well as bringing a keen eye to editorial work, Jehonathan has helped marshal and motivate all members of the GE team since joining the staff as an associate editor in late 2010. Jehonathan holds a BA in Social Science from Roosevelt Academy (with majors in anthropology and psychology), and an MSc in Social Anthropology from Oxford University. He is a researcher at Deakin University, where his work centres on the impact of racism on health, and at the Brotherhood of Saint Laurence, where he conducts evaluation research on programs for countering homelessness. His main research interests include racism, immigration, education, homelessness and youth. He currently lives in Melbourne.

Whitney Conti, Production Manager

Whitney has been at the helm of GE design, production and concept development since 2009. Her continuing contribution has allowed this site to become the innovative platform that it is! For her 2012 visual anthropology masters dissertation at the University of Oxford, she began an ethnography of academic publishing, questioning the relationship between academic legitimacy and the appearance of ‘non-design.’ Learning from her interviews with students, academics, printers, and publishers, Whitney has sculpted Global Ethnographic to be a practical resource for both students addicted to PDFs and anyone interested in anthropological perspectives over a coffee at their desk. Her research revolves around the anthropology of graphic design, representational practice, photography, tourism, stereoscopic imaging, & phenomenology. She currently lives in Washington D.C.

Teodora Hasegan, Associate Editor

Teodora brings world-class editorial skills and perspectives to GE, allowing the platform to compete with the best in the business! Teodora holds a PhD in Anthropology from Binghamton University, State University of New York (USA). She was a teaching assistant for the Visual Anthropology course at Binghamton University and editorial assistant for the Routledge quarterly academic journal Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power. She was also translator of documentaries and series broadcast by the Discovery and Reality TV channels in Romania, and reporter, translator and editor for English-language websites and a newspaper in Romania. She is Director of Research and Development for The Peoples of the World Foundation. Education for and about Indigenous Peoples. She currently lives in Philadelphia, USA.

Faye Miller, Knowledge Ecology Strategist

Faye is an interdisciplinary researcher in the areas of human-information interaction and experience design. Faye applies her findings towards optimizing the academic research experience and empowering creators and users of research through human-centered design of holistic information environments. Faye recently completed her PhD from Queensland University of Technology exploring how early career academics experience using information for learning through building developmental networks. A conceptual model of a ‘knowledge ecosystem’ was identified as a core academic experience consisting of informal learning interactions and relationships with a variety of information and knowledge resources. Faye has several years of experience in research development, editorial and teaching support roles at the University of Canberra and Charles Sturt University, Australia. She was recently a visiting researcher/speaker at San Jose State University in Silicon Valley, California and currently serves as an editorial developer for notable San Francisco based online publications, developing articles and liaising with user experience and information architecture industry and research leaders. Faye currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.

Mario Carta Mario Carta, Web designer and Seo

Mario is GEs most recent addition, joining the team in early 2015.
His passion for writing, anthropology and web communication brought him to us. Building on his rich experience, ranging from online content management to design and SEO, he develops our online platform and is mainly in charge of our web structure and design.
Mario is Sardinian and lives in Prague.